You can't trust Google for search

Back in the day, when you wanted to search for me on the internet, good old, "Michelle Knight," I would be top entry on all the search engines.

Then, along came Michele Knight and paid for a listing. Lo and behold she knocked me off the number one spot, which is to be expected when someone pays to jump the queue even when they only have one "l" in their name.

Now, the situation is laughable. I got as far as page 8 on before I came across an actual "Michelle Knight" and even that wasn't me!

Net result is that Google's "Do No Evil" will become an albatross around their neck. All it will take is another service which works, with enough cash behind it and a lack of historical, psychological baggage, and Google will find themselves bereft of users and advertisers.

The clock is ticking, Google. It is now only a matter of time.


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