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Less than a few days after I recorded my YouTube rant that I don't understand Mark Shuttleworth, up pops a BBC article that Ubuntu is coming to smartphones and, unlike the TV when it was shown at CES last year, it's actually coming to a handset near you.

For a start, I'll believe it when I see it. Ubuntu as a mainstream OS choice for handsets. Hmm... I think I'll give that a miss. I've seen people put Ubuntu on tablets which still needs a mouse and keyboard (unless you're willing to struggle with the on-screen board) but for it to come on a phone would need a lot of UI re-design.

Ultimately, though, Chris Green could end up eating his words because the Ubuntu interface is nothing like Windows. The very thing that can cause confusion in Linux; ie. too many desktop environments to choose from; can be its ultimate asset in being ported to different devices.

No matter what you say, however, I STILL don't want Unity on my desktop.

IN other news Elite has reached its kickstarter goal to be re-made as a modern PC game.

To that, I can only say one thing ... they'd better make it work under Linux! There is only so much entertainment you can wring out of the Executive edition on the 6502 Co-pro.


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